Multichannel Platform for Restaurants, Bakeries and Direct to Customer (D2C) food entrepreneurs

Mobile App to manage menu and online orders

Your menu always stays current based on items availability and demand. Stay on top of incoming orders to ensure timely home delivery or curbside pickup.

Redefine the Dine-in Experience

The Covid-19 pandemic made "contactless" the norm, and it will continue to be the new normal in the post-pandemic world. Restaurants too have to rethink how they serve customers. They have to redesign infrastructure and services for a seamless, contactless dining experience.

With BakesApp Digital Menu, your customers can view your menu on their mobile phones by scanning a QR code displayed on the table and at convenient places in the restaurant. What's more, it's easy to keep the menu updated, adding and removing items, updating price, giving promo discounts, and indicating if you've run out of an item for the day.

With BakesApp, your customers are your customers

Unlike other food delivery platforms which profit by distancing you from your customers, BakesApp believes in enabling stronger bonds between you and your customers.


Use the 'Invite Customers' feature which makes your restaurant or bakery show up as a pinned shop in BakesApp for Customers.


Easily track orders as they appear with badges in your BakesApp.


Grow your brand by connecting with more customers on BakesApp. 

Fair, Transparent, Local

Our restaurant partners nurture long term relationships with their customers. They do not compromise on quality or quantity. They do not have to worry about heavy discounts and hefty commissions charged by food tech aggregators. After all, food is not all about discounts! It is about trust and taste.