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# 2

29 May 2021

Menu - the old way and the new way

Preparing a menu loved by customers is an important part of the restaurant business. The menu has to take into consideration customer segments to be served, their preferences and tastes, competition in the market, as well as the desired positioning and branding of the restaurant. 

Traditionally restaurants would get the menus printed on paper, or displayed on the restaurant walls. A few have digital displays, which gives more flexibility in terms of updating items and prices.

With social distancing and "contactless" now becoming the norm, restaurants now have to rethink how they get their menus across to customers. Paper menus which get passed from hand to hand will no longer be liked by customers. Some restaurants have tried disposable paper menus, but they add unnecessary cost and lead to wastage of resources.

A dyamic digital menu that can be easily updated and accessible to customers on their smartphones adds a great deal of convenience for both the restaurant and the customers. Customers can view the menus conveniently on BakesApp mobile app or on any web browser, and place orders directly from the menu. 

With orders coming in directly from the menu, restaurant staff do not have to hang around near customers' tables, and they have to go to a table only if the customer needs any special assistance. This improves staff efficiency and is also the appropriate behaviour in the emerging 'contactless or minimal contact' service scenario.

# 1

27 May 2021

An industry in transition

The restaurant and bakery industry in India is grappling with a number of challenges now. The Covid-19 pandemic has put them all in a tough spot. Restrictions on dine-in, and the need for social distancing has made it tough for them to do business as usual. These business enterprises which were providing employment to millions of Indians have faced huge loss of business during 2020 and 2021. Many of them have had to lay off people, or even completely shut down. Others are struggling to keep afloat, in the hope of better times to come after the pandemic passes.

In such a scenario, there is an urgent need for the industry to respond in innovative ways. Many of them have been keeping home delivery as their lifeline to stay in business. This is likely to continue for some more time. Even after dine-in opens up, it will take a long time for things to get back to a scenario where customers queue up near order counters. The number of dine-in customers at any time will have to be limited as seating is more spread out. What then are the ways to survive, grow and thrive?

Innovation is the key

Going forward, innovation holds the key to success in the hospitality industry. Innovation beyond imitation is required. New ways for taking orders and serving guests will have to be adopted. Hospitality will have to extend beyond the restaurant walls, to meet the customers where they are. Restaurants need to figure out ways to give delightful experiences to customers, irrespective of whether they are ordering from home, on the way to your restaurant, or dropping in as dine-in guests. Further, they need to focus on nurturing direct customer relationships, without being constrained by aggregators and intermediaries. They will have to build and support new models for local delivery to serve customers at home. 

BakesApp is being launched to support restaurants, bakeries and D2C food entrepreneurs in their journey of innovation and transformation using digital tools. Working together as partners, we can infuse fresh vigour and vitality into an industry that is facing the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic.