Multichannel Platform for Restaurants, Bakeries and Direct to Customer (D2C) food entrepreneurs.

Core features at a glance


Create categories and add products. Make it appetizing with photos! Set price and discounts.


Have clear visibility into new, in-progress and completed orders.


Use the built-in chat tool or tap to call your customer for any clarification. 


Set location, contact information, delivery policy and minimum order value.


Enable or disable online ordering with a toggle switch. So you control the order flow during peak hours.


Enhance the dine-in experience of customers with QR code based dynamic digital menu.

How to open your business for online orders

Taking your restaurant or bakery online is now a cakewalk with BakesApp!

Sign up on BakesApp

Download BakesApp on Google Play and complete the sign up process. You can also sign up on the web browser. It takes just three minutes!

Create your product menu

Add products using the mobile app or by using your account on the BakesApp website. Spice up your menu with beautiful photos!

Complete verification and switch on visibility

We will contact you and complete the verification process. You can then make your restaurant/bakery visible to customers by switching on Shop Visibility. You are now ready to receive online orders!


Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

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How is BakesApp different from other popular food tech platforms?

BakesApp is built on the idea of bringing back "hospitality" as the core of the restaurant and bakery business. While other platforms often use technology to cut off the food business entrepreneurs from their customers, BakesApp aims to bring them closer. Further it provides a seamless transition between online ordering and dine-in experience for customers, based on their preferences and constraints.

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What is Digital Menu, and how is it useful for improving the dine-in experience?

Digital Menu is a tech-enabled alternative to the conventional printed menu. Printed menus (static menus) often contain outdated information about items and prices. Further, the Covid-19 crisis has made people reluctant to touch items that are shared between people. Some restaurants have tried disposable printed menus, but that's an unnecessary cost and waste of resources. A digital menu that can be accessed by customers on their mobile phones is the way to go.

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How does BakesApp enable us to give more personalized customer service?

BakesApp has a built-in Customer Insights features, which gives information about past orders and customer preferences. This helps you to personalize your service for better customer experience.

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Who manages home delivery?

BakesApp integrates with 'DoorSpeed' delivery app, which can be used by the restaurant or by independent delivery agents to manage home delivery orders. Using DoorSpeed it is easy to track orders, view locations and directions, and ensure that orders are delivered on time.

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How to ensure that home delivery orders are only from customers within delivery zone?

You can set the Maximum Delivery Distance (kilometers) in the Settings menu. The distance between your location and the customer location is calculated by the system and used for enabling/disabling orders.

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How to ensure a minimum order value for home delivery orders?

You can set the Minimum Order Value in the Settings menu. Customers cannot send orders below the Minimum Order Value.